Gut Bacteria – Feed the good stuff for a healthy immune system

Our gut bacteria are really important and do lots of great things for us, including:

  • Protecting us. Increasing levels of friendly bacteria helps protect against their dangerous relatives that can cause disease
  • Supporting our immune health.  Our friendly gut bacteria help to boost our immune system by killing harmful bacteria and stimulating infection fighting cells

Top tips for supporting your gut bacteria include:

Fibre, fibre, fibre

Fibre rich foods such as legumes, pulses, beans and artichoke all contain prebiotics that our gut bacteria feed on. Although not all fibre-rich foods contain prebiotics we can all benefit from consuming more fibre, but you may need to increase your intake slowly over time.


Try to eat as many different types of plant-based foods as possible. Nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals (particularly ‘ancient’ grains) are all important. The wider variety of foods you eat the wider the diversity of your gut bacteria.


Fermented foods such as yogurt (choose varieties that contain live cultures), kefir, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut contain a wide range of bacteria and are thought to be beneficial for the health of our guts.

You can find more information on leading a healthier lifestyle on our dedicated website –

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