Guest Blog by Vita Mojo – 6 reasons why you should personalise your diet

The case for personalised nutrition is truly compelling.

Nutrition is a minefield when it comes to facts. Conflicting opinions are the norm. Scientific analysis is difficult, constantly evolving and often misinterpreted (e.g. studies on rats don’t always translate well to humans).

However, one thing many agree on is that what might work for you might not work for her. And vice versa. We know this, anecdotally.

However, a personalised nutrition is also starting to make a lot of sense when you consider the evidence, the role of technology and the potential positive impact on ourselves, and even global issues.


  1. We are all different

We don’t necessarily need scientists to tell us what seems obvious. We are all unique. We have different lifestyles and DNA. We like different flavours and our appetites are different too. Why eat from a one-size-fits-all template?

Intolerances have increased dramatically in recent years. We all know someone who has an allergy. Generic advice found on government or official health websites only serve those who have no idea where to start but it is clear that we need to tailor that advice to our bodies. You have probably been doing this unconsciously (or consciously) already.

We all agree that we learn, love, dance, study, read, train, think, speak differently. How could we expect to assimilate food in the same way?

  1. Diet fads don’t work

Today, there is an increasing amount of realisation that none of these present a real solution. What we need to do, is to adapt this generalised diet advice to our individualised needs.

Type “diet” on google and it is often accompanied by the words “myth” and “fad”. We have collectively grown tired of those self-proclaimed experts who promise miracle fat loss or other health advantages without any scientific backing (here is a useful list of those you might want to avoid).

Although some of these diets have been proven to work and have scientific validity, many agree that restrictive diets are complicated to put into practice as they demand a lot of effort and rarely fit our schedules, let alone our preferences.

  1. Accessible technology is here to help us

DNA tests have recently gained popularity, notably thanks to services like 23&Me who provide you with ancestry information. But the field has now evolved to provide diet and fitness recommendations based on your genetics — like our partners at DNA Fit.

The results give you an understanding of your sensitivity to alcohol/caffeine, predisposition to gluten/lactose intolerances, your optimal diet type (in this case being “low carb”) and your need for antioxidants, omega 3, vitamin B/D.

Although the research is still evolving and faces certain challenges — this is as close as it gets to understand the “nature” aspect of your metabolism better.

  1. Pay only for what you eat

Do good for your body AND your wallet. Customising your meals means you only pay for the food you want and in the quantity which suits your appetite. Be rewarded for those conscious choices. Dial up those cheaper, local ingredients effortlessly while still achieving the right nutritional intake.

Only want to pay a specific amount but make sure you still have the right diversity? Not a problem when you can choose as many ingredients and have full control over quantities.

  1. Reduce food waste

When cooking at home, it’s easy to pick and choose precisely what you eat. Unfortunately, we’re not all natural chefs, and we don’t always have enough time. Eating out means that we often pick meals which are oversized or have unwanted ingredients. This presents quite a lot of food waste.

Personalisation not only avoids waste on plates but it also reduces waste in kitchens. At Vita Mojo, we cook iteratively, based on customer demand for certain food items. What remains uncooked, can be kept fresh for the next day.

When you consider that over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste and that reducing food waste is ranked 3rd in possible solutions against climate change, it’s worth taking seriously.

  1. Be your optimal self

Eating affects physical health, our mood, our energy levels and even our mental health. We especially know this when things go wrong. Countless studies have shown that what you eat affects your productivity. However, adapting your macronutrient ratio and your daily nutritional intake can be used to achieve your health goals.

Trying to build muscle, achieve better mental focus, lose weight or simply attain a state of wellbeing? Looking to reduce risks of cancer and illness? Simply want to live a happier, longer life?

Your diet is undoubtedly one of the largest contributors to overall health. Simply eating ‘healthy’ isn’t enough to truly be your optimal self. Start personalising it today!

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Vita Mojo is a healthy restaurant chain and software company that enables you to ultra-personalise your food. We want to make food personal.

We currently have three high street locations in the City of London and have rolled out our software in over 50 locations (including many with our investor, Elior PLC).

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