Elements Update for Summer 2018

We are taking a behind the scenes look at a food photo shoot. We will give you a sneaky look at what’s to come for the Elements range (I have heard a rumour about chocolate mousse!) plus a look at what really goes into a food photo shoot.

Elements was created as the food offer that sits within You & Life. You can read more about You & Life in the early posts. Elements aims to reflect the principles of:
• No added baddies
• No unnecessary added sugar
• Created using real ingredients
• Freshly prepared in our kitchen every day
This is a range of delicious dishes created by our dietitians and development chefs to offer the best and most delicious ingredients.

Clockwise from left. Rustic Rice, Bean & Squash. Persian Grain. Freekeh, Cranberry & Dill. Mexican Quinoa & Guacamole

The summer update will focus on the Grab & Go section of Elements and the photo shoot provides imagery for use in POS, brochures, social media posts, sales documents and manuals. It will also act as a reference for our chefs at site to ensure consistent production of the recipes. The developement chefs have been hard at work designing and producing the new recipes including the four delicious salads above.

Peter Joyner, Development Director has been photographing the dishes in various forms with support from Rachel McEntee and Matt Joblin, Offer Development Managers.

Keep an eye out for future posts including more recipes and food heroes!


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