Welcome to You & Life

Even though most of us know that what we eat has an important bearing on our health, research shows that society is still confused about the facts of healthy eating. As a nation our interest in ‘wellness’ has grown hugely over the past few years, but we are bombarded from all angles, often with conflicting advice, to the point where only a small minority of people trust health claims on food.

You & Life logo 2017

You & Life is the programme which brings together in the UK business all of Elior’s activity in the fields of health, nutrition and wellbeing with the goal of helping people to lead healthier lives.
You & Life is designed to empower, educate and benefit our customers, our clients and our own staff, right across our diverse portfolio of sites.

We are promoting healthier eating & supporting healthier lifestyles by:
• Ensuring You & Life will benefit as many people as possible. Our food concepts such as the Elements range allow our customers to enjoy great tasting healthy dishes using exciting, fresh and nutritious ingredients.
• Adopting the approach of ‘health by stealth’, which ensures all our food is prepared to be as healthy as possible whilst still tasting great. Making healthy food satisfy traditional tastes is an important factor in the drive to improve diet
• Raising awareness and understanding of healthy eating and lifestyle choices
• Providing a supportive environment and the right information to help people make the right choices.
• Working at the national level as well as the individual level, for example through our approach to meeting government sugar reduction targets

The Elements food range
Elements was created as the food offer that sits within You & Life to reflect the principles of:
• No added baddies
• No unnecessary added sugar
• Created using real ingredients
• Freshly prepared in our kitchen every day
This is a range of delicious dishes created by our dietitians and development chefs to offer the best and most delicious ingredients.

During future blog posts we will delve deeper into why You & Life is important and how it supports or customers in leading a healthier lifestyle.


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