Disposables that don’t cost the earth

This week Elements has teamed up with Vegware. First catching our eye some time ago now, the Vegware team care as much about packaging and what goes in it, as we care about the ingredients that goes into making our delicious Elements dishes. Vegwares infection passion for sustainability is the perfect partnership to complement our healthy eating range.

We’ll let them tell you all about it!


Our award winning products range from coffee cups to deli containers, and they’re designed to showcase what’s inside. One of the eco-friendly materials we use to do this is PLA (polylactic acid), it’s a plant-based bioplastic that’s used as a low carbon alternative to plastic with #noaddedbaddies.

To put it into context – our 32oz hinged deli container is light and strong in design,  made from plant based material, PLA, and contains 79% less carbon than plastic – providing clear presentation for vibrant and tantalising takeaway salads and cold meals. Our portion pots are also made from PLA, perfect for displaying samples and small nibbles. For those larger fruit salads, porridge or granola oats in look to our 8oz round deli containers great for those on-the-go breakfasts.

Vegware’s award-winning compostable cutlery is made from crystallized polylactic acid (CPLA) which allows it to take heat up to 85°C. Our CPLA knives, forks and spoons are also strong, sleek and sturdy.

Although supplying foodservice packaging is the core of what we do at Vegware, it doesn’t stop there. Because it’s important to you and your clients to share your commitment to sustainability, we developed Eco Audits to measure the carbon savings of every order.

Customers love the look and feel of our premium eco materials, and the feel-good factor of being part of a sustainable economy.

Vegware – good for your food, good for the environment. 

For a full view of what eco-friendly products we could deliver for your business check out our website.




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