Ape Snacks

This week Elements has teamed up with Zack from Ape Snacks. Zack first caught our eye in 2016 with his infectious passion for great tasting healthy snacks and they have since joined the Elior and Elements partnership to complement our healthy eating range.

We’ll let Zack tell you what it’s all about!


My name is Zack, I’m 22 and I launched Ape Snacks about a year and a half ago! In my family, we eat according to the paleo lifestyle. Essentially, this just means that we try to eat real, whole foods found in nature – food our bodies are meant to be eating. The summer before I was supposed to head off to university in America, my mum took a bunch of coconut flakes, threw them in a pan with some cinnamon and salt and toasted them to utter perfection.


At uni, surrounded by the unhealthy and sugar laden snacks of America, I became fascinated by the science behind food and nutrition, and realised that the food industry is fundamentally broken. This had to change! I dropped out of university, flew to Thailand, found a factory, found a business partner who had 30 years of food experience and managed to cobble together some capital…and here we are!


Ape Snacks is all about being healthy and delicious. We want to be the leading healthy snack brand and to make products that always deliver on health, taste, accessibility and value for money. This is the only way to get the average person to improve their eating habits and, as a result, their happiness 🙂

Peace, love & coconuts!


You can follow Ape Snacks on Instagram and Twitter

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