A step in the right direction

Guest post by our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager – Charlotte Dews

As part of our Elior Group ‘Positive Foodprint Plan’ we are aiming for 100% of our guests to have healthy and delicious food by 2025. With a growing interest in and awareness of the importance of healthy food as part of a healthy lifestyle, our choice of balanced menus will be one of the reasons that our clients and guests continue to choose us.Total_key_880x440_sign_v2 (002)

The Elements range appeals to those who are seeking out a healthier option, and also serves as a tool to connect with our customers about these choices through the Elements dedicated social media platforms.

Our food concepts are evolving to provide balanced and healthier choices and we want all of our guests to enjoy the healthier choices that we offer. We must innovate to continually delight and surprise with our menus which contribute to healthy lifestyles.

Swapping meat for veggie alternatives appeals to the increasing flexitarian market and our mission will include increasing the proportion of menus with vegan and vegetarian options or vegetable proteins– which is not only good for our guests, but also good for the environment.Healthy_key_840x440 (002)

#noaddedbaddies embraces the responsibility we have to raise awareness of the benefits of healthier eating with our guests.

Whilst there is increasing awareness of and demand for healthier options, we also have an important role to play in helping our guests to understand the benefits. We want our guests to make the healthier choice not only when they eat with us, but wherever they eat.

Let us know what innovative ways your are putting into practice to change your ‘foodprint’?


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