Mays Hero Food

“Each month we select a product that has been showcasing in this month’s healthy eating range, exploring a little deeper into each ‘Hero Food’ and why we LOVE it so much!”

                                                                                                Elior Marketing Team

This month’s food hero is slightly different to our previous heroes, it’s not technically a food, but falls into the ever so trendy ‘supplement’ category along with the likes of whey protein and superfood powders.

Derived from the valleys of Chile, Peru and Ecuador, this popular subtropical fruit goes back centuries and is known for its moderate protein and iron content. Nicknamed ‘egg fruit’, due to its hard-boiled egg yolk type texture, its fibrous bright yellow flesh has been known to have flavours of butterscotch and maple syrup.

Do you know what it is yet? – Of course, it can only be the Pouteria lucuma!

The versatile Lucuma fruit has expanded into many different products over the last year and you can now find it in many everyday items such as yoghurts, cakes, ice-cream and in Eliors case, jam.

Our clever development chefs have incorporated a powdered version of the Lucuma fruit into a smooth and sweet banana jam – the perfect topping for our new banana and coconut pancakes.

lucuma jam

What unusual ways have you incorporated this month’s Hero Food into your day? Leave your comments below and stay tuned for next month’s Hero!

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