Our Top 3 ‘guilt free’ treats

Elements is our ‘more is more’ concept. We add nothing but freshness to our range of goods spanning from breakfast and snacks to lunch and beverages – without forgetting those sweet treat moments.

Our food & drinks embrace the philosophy of ‘no added baddies’. This includes no added sugar, preservatives, flavour enhancers or trans fats. Without focusing on whats been taken out of the dish, but rather what positive benefits YOU can get out of the ingredients we put in.

We challenged our chefs to create a delicious range of healthy ‘guilt free’ sweet treats with #noaddedbaddies – these were our top 3 favorites.

Gooey Zucchini Brownies

Cutting out the butter, our gooey zucchini brownies uses low calorie, high in folate -shredded zucchinis as the binding agent. This give our brownies that moist gooey center that you cant get enough of.


Vanilla Lucuma Yoghurt Pot

Our dairy free treat uses a creamy vanilla soya base layered with Lacuma powder and topped with fresh fruit and a crunchy homemade granola. Hailing from the Incas, the Peruvian Lucuma fruit is a great source of protein, rich in Iron and provides a sweet tasting addition to any dessert – it really does make this yoghurt pot one of a kind!


Coco Nutty Superbar

This vegan tray-bake is packed with dried apricots which are known for their high levels of Vitamin A and Iron,  blended into a creamy bar with crunchy nuts, seeds and a dash of cacao nibs for good measure – so delicious you wont believe there’s #noaddedbaddies


Do you have any ‘guilt free’ sweet treats you would like us to try? let us know in the comments below.

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