Our March Food Hero

“Each month we select a product that has been showcasing in this month’s healthy eating range, exploring a little deeper into each ‘Hero Food’ and why we LOVE it so much!”

                                                                                                Elior Marketing Team

This beautifully juicy berry comes from the most unlikely of places, native to northern South America it feels most at home in murky swamps and warm floodplains.

Growing demand for this deep purple berry has forced a boom in harvesting, and is generally sold to the consumer market as a frozen pulp or juice for a range of food and beverage items including smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Do you know what it is yet? – Its the açaí berry pronounced (a,sa’i)

Popping up in the healthy food sector as a ‘superfood’, the acai berry has become known for its low sugar value and incredible antioxidant properties. It has a rich fruity black fruit flavor with chocolaty notes (delicious!!).

Seeing as it’s so fitting for our new Elements concept, we have incorporated this popular berry into our healthy eating snack range – ‘acai and banana fruity yoghurt’.


What unusual ways have you incorporated this month’s Hero Food into your day? Leave your comments below and stay tuned for our April Hero!

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